Label Matrix subscription renewal

To proceed you will need your license number: this number is visible on the invoice we sent you when you first ordered your subscription.

You can also find this number in your software by going to Help / About.

license number

Enter your license number on the field below and we will check your license and propose you the possible time-extension.

Please enter your license number


Important note:


When does my renewal start?
    • Your current license is still active and you are adding time in prevision:

The time you order for your license will be automatically added to your current license, you don't need to do anything.


    • Your licence has already expired, but you would like to add time to it:

The time you add will be back-dated to start the day after your previous subscription expired. To restart your license you will need to launch the Activation Wizard, deactivate your software and re-activate it.